Mayhill and Huntley Scout Group

Welcome to Mayhill and Huntley Scout Group

The Mayhill and Huntley Scout Group is based in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. The Forest of Dean is one of the most beautiful areas in the UK, with miles upon miles of woodland, covered with a massive web of foot paths. We have two meeting places being the Hut in Huntley and our newly developed barn which we are continually updating situated near Mayhill. The hut offers a great chance to teach the troop new and develop existing skills. However for the majority of the time the Scouts will use the barn with facilities to go night hiking up mayhill, camping, miles of land for wide games and so much more.


6-8 years
Make friends and try new indoor and outdoor activities


8-10½ years
Learn practical skills while having adventures with friends


10½-14 years
Build confidence, resilience and a sense of adventure


Help us fund the group

Our scout group relies on funding to help us develop our facilities and buy new kit so that we can give the group the best experience possible. There are many forms of fundraising we partake in and aer always looking for new opportunities from bag packing, to fete stalls. We run a variety of events around the year where we invite the public to come and support us, such as Bonfire Night. If you do have any help or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us

Fundraising Channels

Print Cartridge Recycling

One source of fundraising comes from print cartridge recycling, we can recycle all print cartridges which can be refilled and we will receive a donation for doing so. If you would like to donate please contact us using the contact form.

Online Shop

We have a variety of deals with online shops that give a percentage for every sale they make through us, therefore next time you would like to purchase an item please think about using our link as you will be helping us to fund raise. Easy Fundraising is a chosen store, you can shop with a lot of the big name retailers such as Asda, B&Q, Comet, Vodafone and so many more so click here and help us raise money We also have a search engine that can generate funds from searches, its just like Google but every search helps our scout group. Click here


We are a very fortunate Troop to have such great facilities. We have a hut which can be used for small scale meetings. Furthermore our Barn situated on Mayhill has a large field for camping with masses of surrounding woodland and miles of footpaths for you to roam. The site has running water and toilets. The barn may also available if you want some cover just incase it rains, or just as a central meeting place. Along a few paths to the West, is the highest point in Gloucestershire, May Hill, which is visible from all over the County. On a clear day, you can see as far as the Brecon Beacons, and even the Black Mountains in South Wales. The site has become very popular with groups all over the district.

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